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Plant-Powered Beauty: The Essential Guide to Using Natural Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare (with 50-plus Recipes) by Amy Galper,‎ Christina Daigneault, BenBella Books, US $22.00, Pp 304, March 2018, ISBN 978-1944648855

Most women spend a substantial part of their time and money on facial, hair, body and personal care. Few of them are satisfied with the beauty products they use, they keep switching to new or different products. Some of these beauty products even damage their skin as their choice is not based on scientific knowledge. Many women know that the plants have a cure for their body care. But fewer women use them for their body care. In Plant-Powered Beauty, aroma-therapists Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault argue that plant-powered beauty solutions are far more effective than most beauty products available in the market. Galper and Daigneault say that through the experiences of smelling, touching, and blending different plant ingredients together in their easy-to-follow natural beauty recipes, you will become more aware of how plant life can support a healthy body and skin care.

Aroma-therapists Galper and Daigneault have developed a unique and dynamic formulating style that is founded on the belief that beauty is holism – the whole of beauty is made up of a healthy balance between body, mind, and spirit. They teach us their natural beauty blending skills so that you replace the conventional “beauty” products that contain harmful synthetic and toxic ingredients, many cleverly disguised as helpful agents of vitality, with really natural products. They rightly argue that it can be hard to distinguish what is healthy from what is harmful. Plant-Powered Beauty makes it easy to understand the ingredients in a new light, so you can make skincare choices with confidence.

The majority of ingredients listed on the commercially sold face, body, skincare products look like a jumble of complicated and impossible-to-pronounce scientific names. Galper and Daigneault rightly point out that these scientific names feel foreign. The manufacturers do it in order to intimidate us — or at least to impress us — into buying them. When you start making your own beauty products, the world of ingredients suddenly open up to you, and you become better equipped to decode ingredient labels found on commercially sold personal care products. What once seemed impossible to decipher becomes less intimidating – and through the clouded dust of the jargon, you can now detect a pattern and begin to interpret why specific ingredients were selected and used. Here are a few examples of what you see on the beauty product labels and their meaning. Aqua is water, helianthus annuus is sunflower seed oil, butyrospermum parki is (shea) fruit butter, mangifera indica is (mango) seed butter, and cucurbita pepo is (pumpkin) seed oil.

Galper and Daigneault point out to another important issue. Many manufacturers of beauty products tout their products as being natural even when there are only trace amounts of natural ingredients – or none at all. They can do this because the FDA does not regulate cosmetic product ingredients. When Galper and Daigneault use the term natural, they mean it and you will know this when you use these recipes. Natural is what comes straight from nature. Plant-Powered Beauty provides more than fifty beauty product recipes. Facial care products include cleansers, masks, scrubs, and moisturizers. Hair care products include scalp serums and hair pomade and body care products include cleansers, scrubs, masks, and moisturizers. They also provide recipes for personal care products that include mouthwash, deodorants, bug sprays, and mind-body care products include baths, inhalers, roll-ons, and salves.

Plant-Powered Beauty is an amazing and necessary beauty and personal care book. Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault show what synthetic and toxic beauty products slowly do to your skin and how their recipes with natural ingredients are better than the commercially available products. If you try some of these recipes, you are likely to become hooked on them after seeing the results. This is why it is worth trying at least once. Plant-Powered Beauty is for those who want a beautiful and glowing skin as well as a healthy skin.

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