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Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump by Jerome R. Corsi, Humanix Books, US $29.99, Pp 256, March 2018, ISBN 978-1630061029

Probably the most controversial president in the American history, President Donald Trump won 2016 election by beating sixteen Republican challengers and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In Killing the Deep State, Jerome R. Corsi argues that a well-planned coup d’état against President Trump by the Deep State has been underway since before he emerged as the 2016 Republican candidate. The reason was Donald Trump was critical of how the American intelligence agencies have acted and behaved on the international stage. Candidate Trump’s declared policies were also seen to hurt the business of the Military Industrial Complex. Will President Trump survive this coup d’état? Jerome R. Corsi argues that hard-left extremists, the mainstream media, and Democratic holdovers have united to support the Deep State to stop President Trump from implementing his agenda.

Explaining the reasons why the Deep State turned against President Trump, Jerome R. Corsi argues that, in the eyes of the Deep State, President Trump dared to suggest during the campaign that the United States could negotiate successfully with Russia and China to combat terrorism, reduce the chance of nuclear war, and negotiate international trade deal that would be fair to the United States. Among Trump’s first acts in office was to cancel President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership and to pull out of the Obama-negotiated United Nations Paris Climate Accord. Jerome R. Corsi argues that these two moves were certain to threaten international globalists and their central bank financiers.

Jerome R. Corsi says that Hillary was the overwhelming first choice of international globalists and central bankers worldwide. To appreciate how threatening Trump’s election was to the Deep State, Jerome R. Corsi says that it is important to understand that international globalists and their central bank financiers have had a New World Order hold on the White House since Ronald Reagan left office – through four administrations, including the presidencies of George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Jerome R. Corsi says that the Deep State had been convinced that Hillary would win and that a second Clinton presidency would allow the Deep State to continue running the international drug trade while supporting the military industrial complex in a policy of perpetual war. With Hillary prepared to confront both Russia and China as enemies, the Deep State felt reassured that central bankers worldwide would continue to fund US military adventures around the globe. Moreover, with Hillary as president, the Deep State could be confident that 2009-like government bailouts would be readily available to keep from exploding the multi-trillion-dollar fiat currency debt bubble that imperils the global economy.

With Hillary in the White House, Jerome R. Corsi argues, central bankers were confident they could print as much fiat currency as was needed to continue funding perpetual military conflicts without worrying about the doubling of the US national debt experienced during Obama’s eight years in office. Multinational corporations could anticipate the expansion of international trade deals without being concerned that Russia and China’s competitive advantages would undercut the United States by providing readily available cheap labor to government-subsidized commercial operations. Globalists could look forward to continued open borders and a massive influx of Middle Eastern refugees as the United States rushed to the finish line of ending American national sovereignty once and for all.

Killing the Deep State is as controversial as a good book on current politics should be. It is as provocative and revealing as its title is.  Jerome R. Corsi convincingly shows that unproven allegations against Donald Trump are part of a larger scheme. The mainstream media which was unable to see what was happening and coming continues to run a dirty smear campaign against President Trump. Corsi also provides new information and perspectives on the current politics in America. It is well-researched and –argued. It is a necessary book to understand the current American politics.

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