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Cauliflower: Over 70 Exciting Ways to Roast, Rice and Fry One of the World’s healthiest Vegetables by Oz Telem, Hardie Grant, US $30.00, Pp 240, September 2018, ISBN 978-1784881788

There are many foods you would like to eat over and over again but cannot because it becomes quite boring to eat the same kind of meat or vegetable or lentils and grain too often. But if you can cook your favorite meat or vegetable in different ways, you can enjoy it more often. In Cauliflower, Oz Telem tells you how to cook one of the healthiest vegetables in more than seventy ways. Cauliflower belongs to the family of Brassicaceae. Many of its members are considered superfoods, as they are packed with nutritional value. It is also one of the oldest vegetables. Farmers stared cultivating cauliflower around 4,000 years ago, and through the centuries, breeds with distinct characteristics such as cabbage and broccoli emerged. It is a staple in various detox diets, as it is a good source of potassium, folic acid, vitamins C and K, carbohydrates and several types of proteins (like amino acids). Oz Telem says that these proteins and carbohydrates are responsible for the cauliflowers unique ability to become attractively golden when roasted or fried.

There is a downside to this superfood. As when consuming beans and Jerusalem artichoke, there are side-effects to enjoying cauliflower. Oz Telem tells us that cauliflower contains a complex carbohydrate named mannitol, which cannot be digested by our small intestine. It passes through the digestive tract to the large intestine, where it is ravenously eaten by hungry microbes, which release… gas. That is why people suffering from IBS abstain from cauliflower, as well as breastfeeding mothers (mannitol passes through milk to the baby).

Cauliflower is used both in lunch and dinner meal recipes as well as snacks. The delicious recipes range from ‘Kohlrabi and apple slaw’ for salads to starters like ‘Crispy Baked Breaded Cauliflower.’ If you want to eat a soup, there are several options such as ‘Cauliflower — Coconut Crown Soup.’ Main meals range from ‘General Tso’s Cauliflower’ to ‘Cauliflower Pizza’ to ‘Massaman Curry.’ Oz Telem says that cauliflower leaves are slightly bitter, sturdy greens, that are very similar to kale (genetically, nutritionally, and culinary), cauliflower leaves must be cooked until they are tender. They lend an earthy bitterness to various dishes and can be braised, stuffed (like vine leaves), and also oven roasted (like kale chips). There are recipes in which you can use cauliflower leaves like ‘Braised Cauliflower Greens.’

The thick stem that holds the head is the culinary equivalent of kohlrabi, once you peel away the fibrous outer layer, you have a root-like vegetable that can be cut into matchsticks and added to crispy salads or oven-roasted like Jerusalem artichokes. Oz Telem says that the stem is also useful when added to cauliflower mash or cream, taking full advantage of an otherwise neglected part. It can also be used in recipes such as ‘Kohlrabi and Apple Slaw.’ Through each of the leaves surrounding the head of cauliflower, runs a thick central vein that carries sugars to the plants and water to the leaves. They are called stalks, like those of celery and fennel. Oz Telem says that stalks are full of flavor and texture, which can be chopped and added to any recipe that calls for celery, like soups, stews, and rice. If stalks are nice and fresh, they can even be chopped, oven-roasted and added to your next antipasti platter. You can use them in delicious recipes such as ‘Cauliflower Paella.’

Oz Telem’s Cauliflower is nothing short of brilliant and phenomenal. It is packed with useful tips to cook one of the superfoods. These recipes are creative, delicious, and healthy. Cauliflower is packed with knowledge about cauliflower. These recipes are easy-to-cook and people-in-a-hurry would love it. Oz Telem also gives pre-cooking tips and teaches how to store, or freeze or to clean cauliflower. Cauliflower has great tantalizing photos of the dishes and photos showing tips/techniques. If you are on a vegan diet, Cauliflower is a great resource for vegan recipes.

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