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Man Up: How to Cut the Bullshit and Kick Ass in Business (and in Life) by Bedros Keuilian, Benbella Books, Pp 166, September 2018, ISBN 978-1946885036

Most of us rarely reach our fullest potential in business, health, mindset, or our relationships. If we start a new business or want an existing business to grow, write a book or make money, more than 80 percent of us will fail. The few who succeed usually take the long and slow way to achieve their objective. In Man Up, Bedros Keuilian argues that everyone has a particular gift and we can take steps to figure out how we can use that gift. Man Up is your guide to achieve your full potential and achieve your goals by breaking out of your shell. Keuilian helps you define your purpose and clarify your vision and plans so that you make the big leap – in other words, man up. Keuilian says that this book is about you, the leader, your vision, and your high-performance team.

What if we actually did the work to become the best versions of ourselves? That to Keuilian is what “man up” is all about – “HUMANing up.” Keuilian says that it is a state of mind. It’s a way of thinking, operating, living and being. It’s a constant pursuit of our best selves — to reach our highest capacity and become the people that we were meant to be. Manning up isn’t something you do in an instant. You can summon some temporary courage and take action, but it’ll last only a moment and then you’ll be back to your old self. Manning up is about building the belief systems, habits, practices, expectations, and disciplines that allow you to become the best version of yourself — to reach your fullest potential in every category of your life. Keuilian says that women can man up too. Manning up is not male-specific. Manning up is not just about work. Manning up is about owning every part of your life. Every single thing in our daily life affects everything else.

Man Up gives you six pillars of effective entrepreneurial leadership, which can be distilled down to the only three factors you need to go from struggling to success — and to turn a good business idea into an industry-transforming empire. Keuilian summarizes them as below:

1 – You will become a self-disciplined (pillar one) and more effective leader who is able to communicate clearly (pillar two), make fast decisions (pillar three), and respond with certainty rather than react emotionally (pillar four).

2 – You’ll have a clear and defined vision for your business and a clear-cut path to help you get there (pillar five).

3 – You’ll know how to build your high-performance team: a hard-working, loyal, and driven group of employees who are committed to seeing your vision come true (pillar six).

Those three factors determine everything else. A lot of books focus on things like networking or marketing strategies or managing time. They miss the things in favor of the small things. Keuilian writes, “We’re going to work on the things that matter most, and I guarantee you the small things will take care of themselves, just like they did for my business.” Of the three elements, the first is the foundation, which is why we start with it. How you lead your life affects how you lead your business. Maybe you stay up late, hit the snooze button, and try to duck under the covers. Maybe you’ve put your health and fitness on the back burner, and your body and your brain are suffering because of it. Maybe you’re quick to blame others for your problems: the economy, the government, the competition, your employees, and even your clients and customers. Anyone but you. You do anything to avoid looking in the mirror to take responsibility for where you are in life and business right now.

Everything changes when you man up. Keuilian says that you go from wasting time on a daily basis to taking measurable steps and massive action on your destined path to success. You go from being an amateur to a pro, from a poser to the real deal. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur who is going through a rough patch, or a newcomer who is trying to figure out your way in the entrepreneurial world, or someone who just needs a kick in the ass for a change, Man Up will finally help you break out of mediocrity, get singularly focused, and dominate in business — and in life.

In Man Up, Bedros Keuilian reveals secrets to a successful life. He powerfully argues that our leadership potential remains under-utilized and we do not grow to our full potential. In Man Up, he tries to help you achieve your full potential so that you accomplish your mission. Bedros Keuilian does not tell you how to grow your business and maximize profits or whatever you want to achieve; he tells you how you can awaken the leader inside you. The rest will follow automatically. If you think you are not using your full potential in any field of life, Man Up is what you need to read. It will change how you live, work and look at the world at large.

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